First priorities after the storm were survival, emergency care, food, water, evacuations or shelter. Many of our own ERLS team rode out the storm only to realize in its aftermath their individual property's devastation.


We are now dealing with the worst damage the Lightstation has sustained since Hurricane Floyd. Still we plan to have the Elbow Reef Lighthouse standing strong once again.


Our famous Lighthouse is the last of its kind in the World and it serves our country and small community as a symbol of pride, permanence and heritage. We must act now to preserve this piece of Bahamian maritime history before it is lost forever.

WHO are the ERLS? 

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society, (formerly The Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society) is a non-profit historical and educational society working to preserve our lighthouse, the keeper's dwellings and the grounds.

Historic preservation is our specialty. There are complexities and intricacies to consider so research, time and patience is involved—all which are not often visible to the public. Sourcing our needs and building replacement parts often involves maverick thinking. As a result and over time, the ERLS has forged beneficial relationships with historians, engineers, craftsperson and other magicians worldwide.  

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On September 1st, 2019 
Hurricane Dorian tore apart homes, businesses, schools
and families in Abaco.

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