Restoring our Beacon of Hope after Hurricane Dorian's Devastation



Elbow Cay has a ‘beyond rare’ relic of the historical past in its community because we have the last active, complete (intact) lightstation in The Bahamas with historical (8) outbuildings (circa 1863) and an original working lighttower.  


We wish to see the Elbow Reef Lightstation continue to be a gift to the world by staying true to its history and original beauty. Our organization has invested over 30 years into its preservation and we won't stop now!

Why? Lighthouses the world over have removed their original historic parts, giving up on 'manual' in favor of 'electric'. In so doing, they removed the most vital technology that made them an authentic lighthouse. They did this for reasons of cost and efficiency or due to a lack of funds to preserve. 

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse has remained active. It is the only manned lightstation in the world which has not been electrified. Its lens is hand-wound by a keeper and it is fueled by kerosene. It remains a time capsule of 1800s British engineering.

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U.S. Embassy Bahamas 

In October, 2021, the ERLS were delighted to tour representatives from the US Embassy who have taken a keen interest in the recovery of Abaco Post-Hurricane Dorian. They were fascinated to see how much work had progressed at the lightstation and to watch a lighting cycle, the night light ups and the early morning shut down



of the last lightstation of its kind in the world.

The complete restoration of the lighthouse and its station will lead the way to revive Abaco’s tourism economy, restore property values, and encourage investment while reclaiming its place in the Bahamas’ cultural story.

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RENOVATED AND NOW OPEN! When Hurricane Dorian devastated our lightstation, every outbuilding was hit by tornadoes. Our gift shoppe was a huge loss. Not only was there damage to the building, but we lost approximately $45,000 in inventory. This is our only mechanism for self funding. If you visit the Lightstation, please know your generous purchases will help us to Keep the Light On! 

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The ERLS is very thankful to Hope Town Volunteer Fire Rescue who paid the $11,368 to complete the safety fencing necessary to enable the lighthouse to reopen to the public. Pictured are Fire Chief, Mr. Troy Pritchard with ERLS, head of restoration, Mrs. Kent LeBoutillier.


Nine outbuildings to repair and rebuild

More than $400,00 HAS BEEN RAISED and spent on repairs!


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