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Last manual, kerosene fueled, intact and complete Lightstation on the planet.

The Elbow Reef Lightstation in Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas, has the only manned lighttower in the world who's burner has not been electrified.  Its lens is hand-wound and it is fueled by kerosene. 



We are the custodians entrusted with the ongoing preservation and restoration of the 1864 Elbow Reef Lighthouse and Lightstation.

In collaboration with the Bahamas Government and related agencies, the Society has oversight of the restoration and preservation of this monument. We work in tandem with the Bahamas Port Department who oversees the Lighthouse Keepers and the kerosene requirements of the station.

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In 1973, oversight of the 11 Imperial Lighthouse Service lighthouses in The Bahamas passed from the British Board of Trade to the Bahamas Port Dept. 

By 2012 all but Elbow Reef (Hope Town) and San Salvador lighthouses had either been decommissioned or automated. Today, the Elbow Reef Light actively and proudly retains its history and remains a kerosene burning and hand-cranked lightstation.

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society formerly the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society acts as its custodian.


“The Hope Town Light is so much more than what it actually is. It is living history! It connects people. It's a reassurance that you have guidance in the dark. It allows us to know we are home safely seeing its stripes stand out against the blue sky. The Light has, and will always be, affiliated with my greatest memories. So much thanks are owed to the people who work so hard to keep this priceless beacon alive.”

Matthew Benjamin