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Meet the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society Members

Lory Kenyon - Executive Director

Born in Florida, she began her life in The Bahamas at only three weeks old. Wherever her life’s travels took her—from California to Australia—her heart remained in Abaco.  Returning from Australia in 1992, Lory served as President of Friends of the Environment. Here she created the Moorings Program at the Pelican Cay’s Land & Sea Park and Fowl Cay Reefs as well as the Friends of the Environment Reef Ball. She also assisted with BASRA Abaco rescue dispatch. Working at Island Marine for 21 years, she witnessed the creation of the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society by Dave Gale who was inspired to save the last of the world’s hand-wound kerosene-burning lighthouses (all of which were in The Bahamas).  Ultimately with Dave’s retirement from both Island Marine and the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society, Lory was handed the reins of the BLPS. Together with Dave Gale and Annie Potts, they formed the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society to concentrate solely on saving the Elbow Reef Lightstation with the LAST hand-wound kerosene burning lighthouse in the world.  The goal for the ERLS is to be the model for other Bahama island communities to save their lighthouses.

 Lory thanks Dave Gale for giving her the guidance and opportunity to fulfill his passion of saving our historic lightstation.

Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society - Hope Town Lighthouse - Abaco - Bahamas

Secretary & Marketing

Nancy Albury

Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corp Liaison

"DP" Patterson

Assistant Executive Director


U.S. Liason

Kent LeBoutillier

Gift Shoppe Manager

Wynsome Ferguson

Ministry of Tourism Liaison

Phyllis Drori

Fundraising Committee Chair

Lisa Ballard

Gift Shoppe Manager

Jan Guthrie

Volunteer Coordinator

Marji Bethel Chapman