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Abaco, The Bahamas

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Barefoot in the Bahamas


We have the last remaining kerosene burning, hand-wound lighthouse in the world!
Preserving and maintaining this icon requires extensive diverse efforts. To date, we have been
able to accomplish this with the help of our small administrative staff and restoration crew,
along with a host of dedicated volunteers. However, our volunteers and staff are now
displaced from their homes and Hurricane Dorian has disrupted the effectiveness of our
ongoing restoration process. By supporting this Fundraising Campaign, you will be helping us

get back on our feet and jump start support for the post-hurricane work. 


The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society, (formerly The Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society) is a non-profit historical
and educational society dedicated to the preservation of our lighthouse, the keepers dwellings and grounds.

To make a 501(c)(3) charitable tax deductible donation of $250 US or more please click here : PERC Abaco

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PERC, Inc.

P.O. Box 232

Grand Isle, VT 05458


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