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Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society - Hope Town Lighthouse - Abaco - Bahamas
"DP" Patterson

"DP" Patterson

Deborah “DP” Patterson, is an eighth-generation descendant of Hope Town’s founding mother, Wyannie Malone.  DP currently holds a position as the Office Administrator for the non-profit Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society having joined in January 2018.  Prior to this role, DP was the Historian and Curator of the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town from 2014-2017. In May of 2019, she was elected to Local Government representing The Hope Town District.  She received an A.A. Degree in Accounting from Valencia Community College in 1991, then furthered her education with classes at Harvard University in Anthropology, Ethics, and Writing.  DP also co-owned and ran a successful boat rental company for 15 years, accompanied by a work history that included photography, real estate, property management, hospitality, and banking.  After living abroad for 18 years (1997-2013) London, Boston, and New Mexico; DP returned to her island roots with a renewed understanding as to the value of community, in a place like Elbow Cay.

Office Administrator