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Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society - Hope Town Lighthouse - Abaco - Bahamas

Heather Forde-Prosa

Born in Nassau, educated in Canada, Heather brings a background of marketing, graphic design, communications and public relations to the ERLS. Having created a Print/Publishing/Communications dept. for the Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort, she ultimately transferred to their U.S. Florida office to become Director of Brand Communications. Marriage and children created the move to Abaco where she and her husband created the Hope Town Coffee House. She is a certified oral historian and was a volunteer Art teacher at the Hope Town Primary School. She works closely with Annie Potts on the ERLS team--a dynamic relationship which has created many opportunities to integrate lighthouse education into marketing materials as evident in the book, “UP Keeps the Light On.”

Heather Forde-Prosa

Secretary & Marketing