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January 1, 2015

In January 2015 the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society was excited to begin implementing the restoration repairs set out the previous year by the late Cullen Chambers.  Alex Klahm, of 

St. Petersburg FLA, a metal fabricator specializing in lighthouse preservation came to Hope Town and worked from Jan 24th - Feb 2nd  to completely restore the roof canopy and gutter.  Alex and his crew, which included Jackson Blatch of Marsh Harbour, also reconnected the lightning suppression system, replaced two of the metal shelf plates below the machinery room, fabricated and installed 2 new exterior ladders and worked to repair some of the slate flooring.  


This was the Lighthouse Society's first major work project toward the complete restoration of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse - exciting stuff for Abaco and the Bahamas. We hope to set the precedent for other islands within the Bahamas that have lighthouses to do the same.



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