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ERLS accepts donation from SeaHunters

July 24, 2016

The ERLS would like to thank Eddie Leon and the SeaHunter group for approaching us with a very kind donation and for further trying to turn a negative into a positive. The teenagers who damaged the lighthouse last July were guests on one of the SeaHunter boats, not the SeaHunter group itself and thus the flotilla itself should not be blamed and the parents of the teenagers (not part of the flotilla at all) paid fully for the total cost of repairs.

From Mr Leon; Seahunter : “As you recall, we had an unfortunate incident with some kids who attended our Abaco’s event last July. Although I feel as if the parents of the kids did the right thing, I still feel as if we could do more to help the lighthouse and Elbow Cay in general. This is a prime opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Thank you from a person who sincerely loves the Abacos."

Again, a big thank you for your donation. We really appreciate your efforts!



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