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  • Heather Prosa

The Wind Vane Spins Again!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Did you know that August 16 was a historic date for the ERLS, just 16 days shy of the three-year anniversary of Hurricane Dorian?

On this day, Jackson Blatch, having started on the AFCP Grant restoration process, harnessed himself at the very tippy-top of the lighthouse to work on repairs to our 18th-century Victorian-era wind vane. Through many maneuvers of lifting and rocking the wind vane, he was able to release it from its stuck position that occurred from the 185mph winds of Hurricane Dorian. For all who walk the path of recovery and rebuilding a community after a natural disaster, we must take time to celebrate progress of moving projects along and enjoy looking at the now spinning wind vane!

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