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We're Open!


After being closed for 592 days, the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society is reopening the lightstation to the public today, on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

We have worked hard to reopen the lightstation for the public to enjoy after fixing most of the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. The Port Department and the Principal Keeper permit persons to access (otherwise private) Government property. The Port Department also mandates the keepers keep track of non-resident visitors to the property. Therefore please let us know you are planning a visit (sign in to our virtual guest and receive your pass complete with historical tour information to enhance your visit by applying at

Entrusted by the Port Department, The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society is the light station's infrastructural custodian, tasked with the oversight and ongoing preservation and restoration of the lighthouse and lightstation itself. As a credit to the ERLS’s efforts, this national monument has stayed true to its historical past as a fully working, non-automated aid to navigation. Elbow Reef is the only remaining light station in The Bahamas that has been continuously manned and operated since its construction.

Visiting the property during the allotted hours is a gift and freedom for all. But please note the lighthouse is NOT a tourist attraction; it is an active aid to navigation. Be aware that no more than 10 people may be in the tower at one time as the stairs and infrastructure were not designed for excessive traffic.

If you are a visitor and want to visit the lightstation, please fill out this form; you will also receive exciting tour / historical information to enhance your tour.

Enjoy your visit!

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