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  • Heather Prosa

Priority #1: Principal Keepers Quarters

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Hurricane Dorian severely damaged the two keeper’s quarters, one of which is Principal Keeper, Jeffery Forbes Jr.’s home.  Now, nine months after the storm, and now already at the beginning of the next hurricane season we are still struggling to finance and execute the much needed repairs to the Keepers Quarters. A donation towards Jefferey's roof has been made by the Rotary Distaster Relief Committee but we still have to fund the interior works, the labour and the remaining 8 buildings that have to be repaired.

Head of Restoration, Kent LeBoutillier is currently overseeing the interior reconstruction work inside the Principal Keeper's Quarters. A small portion of the materials needed were kindly donated by the Elbow Reef Community Association and Hope Town Fire & Rescue.

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